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Benefits of Raw Feeding

Hello, today I wanted to talk about the benefits of feeding a raw diet, and much of these benefits fit with cooked diets too.  I have been feeding my older Weimaraner raw food for about 5 years and transitioned my 7-year-old Weimaraner this past summer.  They love it, and lick their bowl clean every meal! I feed a combination of home-made meals and commercially prepared meals. You can decide how much fresh to feed; you don’t have to feed every meal raw.  Any little bit you give is a little more nutrition that you are giving your pet. The first...

Raw Feeding Myths

As I was at my store Saturday, I once again was reminded how many people still don’t know about feeding raw foods to our pets.  People are surprised that feeding raw can be an option for them. As we talk about it, they start to understand that feeding raw can be a healthier alternative to what they are feeding and become curious themselves.  But once they become interested, they don’t know what to do next. First, I’ll debunk some of the myths surrounding feeding raw foods to our pets. Stay tuned to my next blog on some tips to get started on feeding raw.  

Taurine in our pet’s foods

Hello!  Today I wanted to address the concern of taurine in our pet’s foods.  There have been a couple of articles going around lately that are really alarming pet owners.  After reading the articles, I have learned quite a bit about taurine and some of the misconceptions around some of the claims.

How To Incorporate More Fresh Foods Into Your Pet's Diet

It’s so easy to forget how important nutrition is for our pets. Every new year, most of us make a resolution for ourselves to eat better and to get more exercise; but do you do the same for your pet? Your pet would love to eat more fresh foods and get more exercise too, if they could tell you. That would be their new year’s resolutions too!